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Thank you for stumbling across my website on the vast and over saturated internet.  I am Jezebel, an intimate companion based in Ottawa, whose destiny is to provide compassionate care to your desires and to create magical, sultry, space for your soul.

I am both tender and wild hearted. My core values stem from sacred intimacy work.  I believe we are all desirable, sexy and deserving in our capacity for ecstatic human connections that will leave us in a warm, glowy haze of endorphins.  My own path to erotic abundance lives here in my role as your guide to find your own.

Whether we meet once, or choose to develop a more established relationship, I always seek genuine connections.  If we meet, we meet in honesty.  You come to me at your core and I bring the same. We are just two strangers meeting in a private and cozy space which allows us the perfect excuse to bare ourselves and dive into the fantasies we can’t always uphold in our day to day lives.

love Jezebel

Intimacy means that we are safe enough to reveal the truth about ourselves in all its creative chaos. If a space is created in which two people are totally free to reveal their walls then those walls, in time, will come down” Marianne Williamson

About Me


Age: 30

Height: 5 foot 9

Bra Size: 34C

Panty Size: Large

Shoe Size: 8.5

Hair: Long & natural chestnut brown

Astrological Sign: Pisces

Eyes: Green

Personality: If you enjoy conversation I tend to be intensely open minded/open hearted; deep, sensitive and intuitive; philosophical, more to the left than the right on the political spectrum.  I enjoy silliness, sarcastic humour, light-heartedness and cuddling.


My Resume


Independent Companion — 2012–Present — Ottawa, Toronto, Kingston, Montreal

Since moving to Ottawa I have slowed down immensely in my lifestyle.  I am no longer in my twenties or interested in operating at the same speed in this industry as I once was.  I have been fortunate enough to keep things steady here in Ottawa since I arrived, with a few loyal regulars, seasonal Toronto visits and duos with the friends I have met here, (Gia, Kathryn & Cleo)

I am now at a point where I am investing more energy in developing strategies for long term goals and have spent the past few years fine tuning the infrastructures I want and need to be able to offer my time, space and energy to new short and long term client opportunities and duo partnerships.

Independent SP — 2009-2012 — Toronto, Ottawa, NYC, Vancouver

My work in Toronto included acronyms such as PSE, GFE, BDSM.  I am well reviewed on terb.cc and TER.  As well as offering versatility as a provider, I maintained multiple styles of hosting locations and was part of The Harlots HQ/Girls in Pink collective.

*please note that I no longer promise acronyms to new clients.

Fetish Model — 2005-2012 — Ottawa/Toronto/NY/SF/LA

I have a large portfolio of professional quality photographs.  I ran my own members website (xjezebelx.com & jezebeltube.com) and worked with several regular professional photographers for content.  I booked regular paid shoots with GWCs on ModelMayhem and am a model/performer on Stagg Street, Queer Porn TV and Indie Porn Revolution.

Strip Club Dancer — 2005-2009 — Ottawa

I danced regularly at The Playmate as well as the occasional visit to other clubs in the Ottawa/Gatineau areas.

Fun Facts

Fun Facts

  • I tend to be very independent and introverted in nature.  I much prefer socializing one on one or in a very small group and I am not a partier.  I try to get out at least once a month to meet new people and to experience life outside my little bubble.  I choose to attend things like burlesque shows or other community events, rather than hanging out in bars or clubs.
  • I love playing and creating music on my own mostly in my home studio.  I publish my creations under the name WildHearted.
  • I have a couple of decent amateur videos available on the net.
  • I identify as single-poly.  I am not in or interested in a primary partnership at this time whatsoever.
  • I have volunteered on 2 different crisis lines in Ottawa and Toronto.
  • I speak English and French.
  • I have studied Gender and Sexualities, Eastern Religions, Music, Feminist Counselling, Human Rights, Sociology, Social Work, Indigenous Studies.
  • My favourite alcoholic beverages are gin cocktails, whiskey & sparkling wine but I am not a heavy drinker and I love lemon water.
  • I do not smoke cigarettes but I am 420 friendly 🙂

Recommendations & Reviews

Due to changes in my SP lifestyle and availability, I only have a small number of recent recommendations posted online.  These can be found on Lyla.cc


A kind and thoughtful recent regular wrote this for me…

For the past two plus years I have been fortunate to see Jezebel on a regular basis. During that time I have witnessed the transformation of her image from self professed ‘rockabilly alt girl’ to the gorgeous, sophisticated woman portrayed in the truly representative pictures on her new website. Fortunately her personality hasn’t changed as she remains her same unassuming, down to earth, almost shy, self.
As for our time together, without going into explicit detail I will say that she is an extremely sensual and sexual woman, with a ravishing body, who loves to give as much as receive. She ultimately provides an extraordinary experience that she seems to enjoy as much as I do.
As with any SP you pay for what you get but with Jezebel you most certainly get what you pay for, a truly exceptional and memorable experience. I most definitely plan to repeat and look forward to my next trip to Ottawa.


If you would like to see some of my past reviews, there are lots to choose from on Terb and The Erotic Review.

Trysts & Treats


$2000 – 10 hrs

$2500 – Overnight (up to 14 hrs)

$3000 – 24 hrs

$4000 – 36 hrs

$5000 – 48 hrs

*ask about longer dates and exclusive travel dates.


$1000 – 4 hrs

$800 – 3 hrs

$600 – 2 hrs

$500 – 1.5 hrs

$400 – 1 hr

*dinner/drinks pre or post session for an additional $100


$800 – 1 hr

$1000 – 1.5 hrs

$1200 – 2 hrs

$1600 – 3hrs


$600 – 1 hr

$800 – 1.5 hrs

$1000 – 2 hrs

$1400 – 3hrs


$600 – 1 hr

$800 – 1.5 hrs

$1000 – 2 hrs

$1400 – 3hrs


$600 – 1 hr

$800 – 1.5 hrs

$1000 – 2 hrs

$1400 – 3hrs


$600 – 1 hr

$800 – 1.5 hrs

$1000 – 2 hrs

$1400 – 3hrs


$700 – 2 hrs

$1000 – 3 hrs

*dinner/drinks pre or post session for an additional $100


Sliding scale rates are available for women, trans* folks, sex workers and individuals living with disabilities which require for extra time. Please inquire.

My private incall is wheelchair accessible and located in Centretown.


Hygiene & etiquette

Hygiene is something that I strive to maintain to the utmost highest standard.  Of course, nobody can be perfect all the time, but no matter what, I am ALWAYS spending the last 2 hours before you arrive cleaning and grooming myself to perfection.  I will offer you a shower when you arrive as well as a fresh, clean towel, mouthwash and a disposable cup. Pretty pretty please use it.  You are still a stranger to me, and though I may already like you, getting up close and personal will be much more pleasant for us both if everyone is fresh and clean from head to toe.  You could shower in advance as well if you wish, but at the very least, a quick shower to wash your hands, body and mouth would be much appreciated.


Repeat Visitors

Repeats & Regulars

I love repeat visitors.  My introductory one hour rate is high as a screening measure.  Repeat visitors who have seen me at least twice are offered an hourly rate of $300.  This is because you have already been screened and shown an interest in repeat sessions.  No commitment necessary and all other rates remain the same.


Repeat visitors rates are also locked in, so if you see my rates go up on my website, but you have already seen me at least twice at a different rate, just remind me when you book.


Gifts & Gratuities

Although gifts and gratuities are never expected, gift certificates and gift cards to any of the following places (either online or in store), are always appreciated and put to good use!


Agent Provocateur

Victoria’s Secret

Calvin Klein

iTunes or Apple Store

Mac Cosmetics





The Bay

Third Avenue Spa

Elgin Massage