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I am Jezebel, an intimate companion based in both Montreal & Ottawa. My destiny is to provide compassionate care to your desires and to create magical, sultry space for your soul.

I am both tender and wild hearted. I believe we are all desirable, sexy and deserving in our capacity for ecstatic human connections that will leave us in a warm, glowy haze of endorphins.

I always try to bring my authentic self into all new connections.  Genuine communication and honesty are the key to deep and fulfilling intimacy. You come to me at your core and I bring the same. We are just two strangers meeting in a private and cozy space which allows us the perfect excuse to bare ourselves and dive into the fantasies we can’t always uphold in our day to day lives.

love Jezebel


ninety minutes – 500

two hours – 600

three hours – 800

four hour dinner date – 1000

six hour dinner date – 1300

*in/out same rate

**couples add $100


two hours – 800

three hours – 1000

four hour dinner date – 1200 (includes dinner & private time)

six hour dinner date – 1500 (includes dinner & private time)

*in/out same rate

**couples add $100


two hours – 700

three hours – 900

four hour dinner date – 1100 (includes dinner & private time)

six hour dinner date – 1400 (includes dinner & private time)

*in/out same rate

**couples add $100

Fly Me To You

With advance notice I will fly to you anywhere within Canada. You must cover my travel costs and a minimum rate for our exclusive trip.  Please contact me with a clear request of when/where you would like me to visit you and I will let you know what the cost will be. 


when a few hours is not enough…



We plan our perfect day together and share in our mutual pleasures!

2000 and 12 hours


We meet for dinner and drinks and then wake up together for desert…

2000 and 12 hours overnight

Night & Morning

We meet for dinner and drinks and wake up together for breakfast in bed…

2500 and 16 hours overnight

Day, Night & Morning

I am yours for twenty-four hours, the possibilities are endless…

3500 and 24 hours

Two Days, One Night

4000 and 36 hours

Two Days, Two Nights

5000 and 48 hours



Age: 30s

Height: 5 ft 9

Bra Size: 34D

Panty Size: Medium

Shoe Size: 8.5

Hair: All natural chestnut brown

Astrological Sign: Pisces

Eyes: Green

Personality: If you enjoy conversation I tend to be intensely open minded & open hearted; deep, sensitive and intuitive; philosophical, more to the left than the right on the political spectrum, but I don’t take myself too seriously. I enjoy silliness, sarcastic humour, light-heartedness and cuddling.


Please email me directly at jezebel@jezebelvalentine.com and include the following information:

  • Your Name
  • Phone # (optional)
  • A few sentences about yourself to give me an idea of who you are
  • Date/Time you would like to meet
  • Length of Session
  • Have you ever seen an SP before and if so, can you provide her name as a reference?