Hygiene & Etiquette


Hygiene is something that I strive to maintain to the utmost highest standard.  Of course, nobody can be perfect all the time, but no matter what, I am ALWAYS spending the last 2 hours before you arrive cleaning and grooming myself to perfection.  I will offer you a shower when you arrive as well as a fresh, clean towel, mouthwash and a disposable cup. You are still a stranger to me, and though I may already like you, getting up close and personal will be much more pleasant for us both if everyone is fresh and clean from head to toe.  Please understand that if you don’t show up obviously clean and fresh, and choose not to use my shower and mouthwash, the physical interaction will be limited to adhere to my comfort.



  • Donations are to be provided at the start of the session, in Canadian cash and preferably in an envelope.
  • If you show up late or decide to leave early, the donation amount must still be made for the amount of time you reserve. Unless I explicitly invite you to stay extra time, please leave without being asked within the timeframe that you reserved. If you would like more time, just ask and if I am free, extra time is $100/30 mins.
  • If you would like to bring a bottle of wine, it is always appreciated, but it is never expected or required. I love sober dates as much as I love bubbly.
  • First impressions are very important to me and this starts with your initial contact.  The best impression I can get from you is politeness, being personable by telling me a bit about yourself and the connection you seek and being direct about what date/time you would like to meet me and how much time you would like to reserve.  Emails that don’t include a solid booking request get B-listed and I often don’t answer them because I am busy responding to A-list emails and spending time with those who make the booking process straight-forward.